The New Interactive Way to Collaborate and Educate

Interactive Flat Panel

Interactive Flat Panel

logibird Interactive Flat Panel 4K Displays allow users to easily collaborate, save and share ideas in meeting rooms and classrooms with an interactive and digital experience. It includes multi-task applications for leading classrooms or meetings including whiteboard, note taking, web browser, screen sharing, recording and more.

Interactive Flat Panel sizes




Interactive Flat Panel (IFP) – 65” Inch


Interactive Flat Panel  (IFP) – 75” Inch


Interactive Flat Panel (IFP) – 86” Inch


Key Features

Screen Broadcasting


4K Interactive Display with 20 point touch
(10 for writing)

Screen Broadcasting

Android 11.0

Android 11.0 system with easy to use built in applications

Screen Broadcasting


Wireless and Wired Networking included with Internet access and screen sharing

Screen Broadcasting

Lower Eye Fatigue

Lower eye fatigue with blue light reduction emission

Innovative Features

Screen Broadcasting


Built in advanced interactive multimedia presenting platform.Offers note taking & white board, add shapes, multiple colors, and more. Easily save and share your notes to any device.

Screen Broadcasting


Write on any screen you want for creating notes on web pages, lessons, and more.

Screen Broadcasting

Web Browser

Chromium based secure browser with bookmarks and advanced features.Chromium-based

Screen Broadcasting

WPS Office

Create, display, and edit office files for presentations word processing spreadsheets, and more.

Notes, Research, Learning and Presentation

Screen Broadcasting

Bytello Class

Prepare your lessons anywhere

from a web browser, then easily

access it on the IFP. Bytello class

integrates interactive games and

multimedia tools that brings your

classroom to life

Collaboration Tools

Screen Broadcasting

Bytello Share (ScreenShare Pro)

Share content from Windows (two way touch), Mac, Chrome OS, Android, iOS using app or using Miracast, ChromeCast, or AirPlay

Screen Broadcasting

Screen Broadcasting - IFP to Devices

Easily share the IFP display contents with 30+ devices/IFP on the network with the Desktop Sync function with two way touch

Screen Broadcasting

Sharing Control Panel

Fully control which user’s devices can interact remotely with the IFP.

Screen Broadcasting


Allows presenter to create polls, questionnaires, voting, and responses for users with any device that has a web browser.

Saving and Sharing

Screen Broadcasting

Finder & Cloud Drive

For local storage and cloud file management including Google Drive and One Drive.



Capture and save a portion of the screen.

Connectivity with USB-C Power Delivery



Instantly transforms the IFP into a large touchscreen display for your computer or other device with just a USB-C Cable. Supports USB-C Power Delivery (PD) up to 65w and 4k Display with DP 1.4.

Classroom and Meeting Utilities

Timer and Stop Watch

Timer & Stopwatch

A countdown timer and start and stop time tracking.



For painting and drawing.



Highlight a portion of the screen to help the audience focus



Capture the screen, Zoom in & out.

IT & Administration Tools

Device Management

Remote Management (Bytello DMS)

Unified Bulk Remote Management across the network including status monitoring, time & channel switching, volume control and information   broadcasting.

  • Bulk upload Android App APK files
  • Send multimedia or text messages for scheduling
  • Remote screen control management is also available for administrators
Multi Tasking


Use and interact between multiple applications on the screen at the same time with advanced multi-tasking capabilities.

System Management


Simple memory and system management with one click.

Software Update

Software Updates

OTA (Over the Air) and USB.


Logibird Interactive Flat Panel 4K Displays allow users to easily collaborate save and share ideas interactively and digitally in meeting rooms and classrooms. It includes built-in applications for leading classrooms or meetings including whiteboard, notetaking web browser sharing, recording, and more.

A55 X 4



Application Scenarios

Teachers training

Teaching Training

Teachers training

Preschool Education

Teachers training

Medical Seminar

Teachers training

Corporate Meeting

Teachers training

Family Viewing

Teachers training

Product Display

Pro Series Technical Specification

Accessory & Mounting Options

We offer optional TV cart and stylus pen accessories for classrooms or ofce settings.

Stylus Pen

IFP Stylus Pen (2 pack)

  • Write notes, highlight ,and illustrate with ease
  • Designed to enhance interactive display operation
  • Passive two sided writing Stylus Pen
Tv Cart

Ultra Heavy Duty Mobile TV Cart

  • Mobilize up to 105” in displays, supports up to 330 lbs (150 kg) and works great with the
  • Wide wheel base 8 ft (117.5 cm) for more stability during transport
  • Mounting brackets can be adjusted during installation for ideal viewing height
  • Two Support shelves are rated 20 kg (44 lbs) for AV equipment & accessories
  • Heavy duty locking casters for easy mobility and stability
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